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From Tang Yong <>
Subject [Share]About Building Ace's Dev Env
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 07:17:37 GMT
Hello Marcel,Dev Team,

Nowaday, I have done some research on building ace's dev enviroment,
and want to share it , and the same time,want to experts to confirm
whether to be right or not.

[about importing the ace's source into eclipse and launching]
Because I always use the eclipse as my dev env, I decide to importing
the ace's source into eclipse.

Firstly, I used eclipse 3.6 and m2eclipse plugin(the fact that maven
supporting is friendly) as dev tool, and importing process is successful.

Secondly, I used the pax runner plugin for eclipse as launching tool.

Because the current pax runner plugin(1.7.5) is not compatible with
eclipse 3.6, you must make a patch using the

[about the launching setting]
Because ace's server launching used the following script:

"call java -jar pax-runner.jar --ups --workingDirectory=.
scan-dir:required-bundles scan-dir:ace-bundles %1 %2 %3"

So, I need to put the above options into pax runner plugin's launching
(1) make a target definition with scan-dir's bundles in eclipse.
(2) in launching configuration's bundles tab's Framework, select the
"Felix 3.2.1 via Pax Runner"
(3) in launching configuration's Arguments's tab's Program arguments,
add "--ups"
(4) (important!) in launching configuration's Enviroment's
tab',according to contents of "" file,add the fowllowing:

Varible                                Value

org.apache.ace.configurator.CONFIG_DIR  conf
org.apache.felix.http.nio               true
org.apache.felix.http.enable            true
org.osgi.service.http.port              8080
org.apache.felix.https.enable           false       8443
org.apache.felix.http.debug             false
org.osgi.framework.bundle.parent        framework
org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation       com.sun.*,sun.*

Note:You must copy the "conf" config directory to the eclipse 3.6 home
directory which can launch the pax runner plugin.

(5)(important!) although the above are setted, you must adjust the start
level of the bundles in target definition you built. If not
doing,ace-related bundles will not start normally(dependency is not
resolved normally).

[run and debug]
now, you can run and debug the ace in eclipse.The attachment is my
machine's result.

I think that ace's dev team shoud have more great way to build ace dev env.

--Best Regard

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