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From Karl Pauls <>
Subject Re: Next release
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 13:00:35 GMT
Hm, after thinking about it for a while, we already have a script for
getting the release and verify its checksums etc. -- hence, why don't
we provide another one which builds all artifacts as well?

This way, we would not need to release the trunk but could still have
the individual releases. It would look something like:

sh <repo-id> <tmp-dir> # downloads all release
artifact from the given staging repo to tmp-dir and verify checksums
are present and correct
sh <ordered-list-of-module-names>
<tmp-dir-with-artifacts-downloaded-by-previous-step> # unpack all
artifact source distros and build them

Obviously, we would provide the missing params in the release vote
mail so that all one has to do is to copy'n'past the two lines into
the shell (after maybe downloading the two scripts from svn).

I think that (together with providing the maven source distributions
per artifact which we missed in 0.8.0 ) would make it not that hard to
checkout and build and with the source distros one also gets the unit
tests which would run during the build (so some level of testing is
there as well).

How about that?



On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:12 AM, ant elder <> wrote:
> Hi, I'm one of the ones over on general@incubator that was commenting
> about the 0.8.0 release not being perfect. To avoid all the traffic on
> the other lists could we talk about that here?
> I think there was some agreement releases had to have the complete
> source in a form that enables development to be done using that
> source, there is some doc on this at
> and also some helpful
> commentary in this email
> - "we require that
> the release include all of the source code for the product (every
> component of that product in a format that can be edited for later
> maintenance of that product as open source)"
> Also, when doing a release its required that at least three PMC
> members review and vote on the release to verify that its good.
> There's some commentary on that in this email
> - "we require a
> person to download the signed source code package, compile it as
> provided, and test the resulting executable on their own platform
> *before* voting +1 on the release"
> Looking at the 0.8.0 release vote i think that would be difficult to
> do because there are so many individual parts, probably too many for
> anyone to try to build them all, so i'm guessing no one did and thats
> why no one noticed that the source was incomplete.
> Other projects when releasing multiple modules like this include one
> big source distribution to enable building everything together just
> like you do when developing on an SVN trunk checkout. Do you think
> there could be one of those for ACE? Or If not and there was another
> release like the 0.8.0 one then on the release vote like that what
> exactly is it people should do to decide whether or not to vote +1?
>   ...ant

Karl Pauls

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