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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: Various newbie observations
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 19:47:26 GMT
I second Marcel,

all comments are welcome and interesting !!


On 09/30/2011 09:02 PM, Marcel Offermans wrote:
> Hello Jeremias,
> On Sep 30, 2011, at 10:29 AM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
>> I'm looking into adopting parts of Apache ACE as the deployment tool for
>> an appliciation I'm writing. It's my second attempt with ACE now, after
>> my first that wasn't so successful. I'm starting to find my way around
>> the project by studying lots of source code and starting to add MetaType
>> information to make it easier to play with configuration settings.
> Cool, thanks!
>> Some background on what I'm trying to do if you're interested: I've
>> written a partial implementation of the OSGi Initial Provisioning server
>> [1]. Then I wrote a generic bootstrap agent that starts the actual
>> management agent (most probably a customized ACE if I can get it to do
>> what I need).
> Feel free to explain exactly what you need.
>> I'm not using the launcher but a stripped down, minimal
>> Apache Karaf because it's easy to deploy that as a service and to
>> (low-level) configure. That looks like a promising approach to me so far.
> The launchers we provide are examples, I'm sure as a community we can come up with many
>> So while digging around the project I noticed a few things:
>> - first of all, a nicely divided and designed set of bundles that
>> promises high flexibility and extensibility. Nice!
> Thanks!
>> - the source code is an ugly mix of spaces and tabs for indentation.
>> Please talk among yourselves towards one or the other (I prefer spaces).
>> A very minimal Checkstyle configuration file might be helpful, too.
> We have a style guide, but we lack a checkstyle and/or Eclipse formatters right now.
Check out this page and let me know what you think:
> I'll try to at least come up with a formatter for Eclipse (which is my weapon of choice).
>> - A lot of svn:ignores are missing (see attached patch)
> Thanks!
>> - as long as the documentation is a little spotty (which is ok at this
>> stage), please think about filling out the<description>  tag in the POMs
>> for each bundle so it's easier to get at least an idea what some bundle
>> does. A little README would even be better. I think that would spare a
>> lot of would-be adopters a lot of time finding their way around the
>> project. I've had to regularly wander around the source code to figure
>> out what a bundle is supposed to do.
> Excellent idea. I'll spend some time to do that. I can see how that helps.
>> I'll send a patch for the MetaType stuff when I've done a few more of
>> those.
> Great, I saw the patch, thanks a lot! Having the metatype stuff in place helps a lot,
since there are more and more tools nowadays that can use this information.
> Greetings, Marcel

Jean-Baptiste Onofré
Talend -

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