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Subject Re: Cannot run Default Build
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 17:31:05 GMT

If you're running windows, it's also possible that your virus  
protection is scanning jar files(because they are zip files) as they  
are loaded by the classloaders. I've seen this before with Mcafee  
where something as mundane as opening eclipse can take up to 15  
minutes. We had to yell at the security guys to get the "feature"  
turned off.

Quoting Marcel Offermans <>:

> Hello Wayne,
> On 15 Jul 2011, at 1:11 , Irwin, Wayne wrote:
>> I have followed the instructions at
>> The build in step 1 was successful and clean
>> Step 2 starts the server without error
>> 	...
>> 	 -> Provision bundle
>> [file:/D:/WorkSpaces/Ace/Ace/ace-target-devserver/target/org.apache.ace.
>> target.devserver-0.8.1-incu
>> bator-SNAPSHOT-distribution/ace-devserver/ace-bundles/vaadin-6.5.1.jar,
>> at default start level, bundle will be started,
>> 	bundle will be loaded from the cache]
>> 	 -> Preparing framework [Felix 3.0.2]
>> 	 -> Downloading bundles...
>> 	 -> Using execution environment [J2SE-1.6]
>> 	 -> Runner has successfully finished his job!
>> 	_______________
>> 	Welcome to Apache Felix Gogo
>> However
>> *	Port 8080 is not being listened to (as shown by netstat -a),
>> until I type in a command in Gogo (any command, even Help)
> It does take a little while before ACE is fully running, even after   
> all bundles have been started. If you wait a while, you will see   
> some additional messages appear. When ACE has fully started, the web  
>  UI should be visible on the mentioned address. If this takes more   
> than a minute (on current hardware) something is wrong, and maybe,   
> as Jean Baptiste said, something else is running on port 8080?
>> *	After I issue any command in Gogo, start receiving the following
>> reoccuring Exception (occurs every 15 seconds)
>  [..snip..]
>> *	Then get the message
>> 		WARNING: Cannot retry after server error, command has
>> exceeded retry limit 5: [request=POST
>> HTTP/1.1]
>> *	I am behind a proxy, so that may be the issue.  Why it is trying
>> to contact amazonaws?  How can I configure a proxy?
> That is a bug. One of the recently added bundles is jcloud support,   
> which basically allows you to install ACE in the cloud and have the   
> ACE server automatically start a new cloud node for every target you  
>  define. We have that working with Amazon's EC-2 but you need to   
> provide an Amazon key for it to work. Appearantly, if you don't do   
> that, the bundle is not completely shut down. It is safe to ignore   
> this message though.
>> *	When I try to access http://localhost:8080/ace using a local
>> browser, I get a HTTP ERROR 404.  There is a web server there throwing
>> the 404 so that is at least one step in the right direction.  How can I
>> enable debugging?  I have set -Dorg.apache.felix.http.debug=true in the
>> file, but cannot find any log files.
> Did you try the "log" command in the shell. We use the OSGi   
> LogService, but that by default does not dump its log to disk. You   
> should be able to see log messages in the shell however.
>> *	How do I shutdown the server?  Can't find a Gogo command, been
>> using <Cntrl-C>.
> "stop 0" will stop the system bundle and therefore the OSGi   
> framework. I never did understand why Gogo does not add an alias   
> like "quit" or "exit" to make that easier for the user.
> Greetings, Marcel

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