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From Přemek Brada <>
Subject Re: donating ACE IDE to ACE
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 21:44:11 GMT
On 22 June 2011 14:05, Marcel Offermans <> wrote:
> Feel free to ask here. If things are not clear to you, they might also not be clear to
others, so the worst that can happen is that we all learn a thing or two. ;)

OK, here is how I understand the process, plus the question marks I
have in my head.


Process needed for the donation

0. Create the "podling"

- clean up the source in current (Assembla) repository -- make sure
authors are specified and dead code removed
- tag in Assembla repository as "Apache import ready"
- get a mentor (or two ;-) from the ACE project committers
- create Jira ticket "import ACE IDE codebase", attach the tagged
source in .zip archive
-- who should do this: Tomas (the developer)?
-- attach exported source, but maybe svnadmin dump could be attached
as well (to import history)?
-- or, should we push the code to Apache in some other way?

1. IP and code clearance

- sort out SGA by the Uni, if needed at all, on behalf of Premek's contribution
-- is needed? the only commits in the code are "administrative"
(license comments cleanup, commented-out code removal), and if not
needed, the process will be much faster (or, put the other way round,
if corporate SGA is needed the process will be slowed down by the time
needed for dealing with our legal office ;-)
- send Tomas's (plus possibly University's) signed scanned SGA ; no
individual CLA needed as Tomas will most probably not continue
-- to whom - the mentor who passes that on to the Apache archives?
-- there are one or two larger pieces of code taken over from other
open-source projects, covered by MIT license AFAIK: do we need any IP
clearance for these?

- when the SGA paperwork is done (or possibly even before that?), the
mentor initiates an acceptance vote on the mailing list
- accepted by at least three +1's , mentor announces the result
- if accepted, mentor imports the code from Jira ticket to Apache
subversion (a separate "import" directory)
- code cleanup according to Apache guidelines: source headers, NOTICE
-- who does this - the mentor?  we can do it obviously, but we will
not have commit rights and working via Jira attachments is cumbersome

2. Integration into ACE

- mentor copies cleaned-up code to the ACE trunk
- that trunk contribution is tagged

> On 22 Jun 2011, at 13:46 , Přemek Brada wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> thanks again for encouraging interest and support. I went through the
>> (somewhat scattered) information about the donation / IP clearance
>> processes and would like to clarify a few things. Is it OK to do this
>> on the list or better to take that to a private conversation, since
>> it's a rather mundane administrative stuff?
>> Premek
>> On 16 June 2011 14:12, Marcel Offermans <> wrote:
>>> I agree with both JB and Toni, we definitely want to accept this donation, and
it would be great if the two of you could pick it up (not trying to exclude anybody else that
wants to work on this, feel free to join in).
>>> To explain the process of donating something, the following links are probably
>>> Greetings, Marcel
>>> On 16 Jun 2011, at 13:39 , Toni Menzel wrote:
>>>> Great!! Nice to hear that. Would love to assist as i am also getting into
>>>> the "mood" of developing Eclipse Plugins .. though.
>>>> Thanks for the donation!
>>>> Toni
>>>> On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:47 PM, Jean-Baptiste Onofré <>wrote:
>>>>> Hi Premek,
>>>>> it's really a great news !!
>>>>> Thanks for this donation.
>>>>> I will be pleased to review it and mentor the integration of ACE IDE
>>>>> ACE.
>>>>> Thanks again
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> JB
>>>>> On 06/16/2011 12:16 PM, Přemek Brada wrote:
>>>>>> Hello Marcel and everybody,
>>>>>> On 10 June 2011 20:23, Marcel Offermans<>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>> As the project currently
>>>>>>>> stands, I'm quite open to donating it to ACE and re-license
under ASL
>>>>>>>> -- I'll  discuss this with my student (who under our law
is the sole
>>>>>>>> holder of copyright) and then post to the list in that respect.
>>>>>>> That would be nice.
>>>>>> I spoke to the student developer, and he is willing to pass the
>>>>>> project on to the Apache ACE project, re-licensing under ASL. Both
>>>>>> and I would however like to make sure that his (and our university)
>>>>>> contribution does not disappear by doing so, ie that he can reference
>>>>>> back to his work after it is part of ACE.
>>>>>> So I would like to ask for help with the donation and transition.
>>>>>> rough idea is that
>>>>>> 1. we create a jira ticket for this
>>>>>> 2. we clarify the origin of the code (some minor pieces were reused
>>>>>> from other open source projects)
>>>>>> 3. an archive with cleaned up source (author in javadocs, correct
>>>>>> license header) is attached to the ticket
>>>>>> 4. paperwork related to the donation and IP clearance is done (?)
>>>>>> 5. someone with committer rights imports the sources to the repository
>>>>>> 6. documentation is transferred to ACE wiki
>>>>>> but obviously I am not completely sure about the process and its
>>>>>> details. Could you please clarify it for us?  (Maybe outside the
>>>>>> mailing list 'coz I assume it will be boring details for most other
>>>>>> people.)
>>>>>> Since the student is currently awaiting final exams, he will not
>>>>>> probably be available until the start of July; so I guess the whole
>>>>>> thing will be done during the summer months depending on when each
>>>>>> us is available.
>>>>>> Premek
>>>> --
>>>> Toni Menzel Source <>
>> --
>> Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
>>   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
>>   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
>>   University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, CZ
>>   << brada at | | +420-377-63-2435 >>

Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
  Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
  Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, CZ
  << brada at | | +420-377-63-2435 >>

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