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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject [DISCUSS] Karaf clustering and ACE cloud support
Date Mon, 02 May 2011 14:18:56 GMT
Hi all,

Ioannis Canellos and I have worked and proposed an enhancement to Apache 
Karaf named Cellar.

Cellar provides clustering to Karaf by using Hazelcast.

Ioannis blogged about Cellar and also provided a demo video:

As you already know, I'm working on ACE to add full Karaf support.

ACE already provide cloud support by the usage of jclouds.

So we can see ACE:
- as a provisioning platform which deploy bundles/config/features (soon 
:)) to a Karaf target. This target could be a single Karaf instance, or 
a Karaf cluster running on Cellar. ACE is the provisioning and Cellar is 
the sync of nodes states, replication of resources, etc.
- as a provisioning platform to all Karaf cluster nodes. In that case, 
Cellar is the sync of nodes but ACE should be able to target all nodes 
and replicate node resources.

So, I would like to have your feedback about the role of ACE in this 
kind of environment.

My idea is to provide a complete enterprise OSGi platform composed by:
- Apache Archiva as a central EBR/OBR
- Apache ACE to create distribution based on resources 
(bundles/config/features) provided by Archiva and provision a set of targets
- Apache Karaf as target runtime/container
- Apache Karaf Cellar (using Hazelcast) to sync Karaf nodes, etc

I would like to write some architectural draft on ACE wiki about that, 
so any feedback or resources (slides) are welcome :)


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