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From Premek Brada <>
Subject Re: updating bundle-target mapping
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 20:40:43 GMT
On 14.2.2011 13:24, Premek Brada wrote:
> Hi Angelo,
> thanks for replying, I serve only as a proxy to the developer :( so I 
> have forwarded your suggestions to him and will wait for a response.

OK, after a longish pause... a little correction of the original 
question, to clarify things up a bit.

The key puzzling thing for us is this: We know how to change the 
Artifact-Gateway mapping at:
but we don’t know why it isn´t changed automatically when we change 
Artifact-Feature mapping at:

Could you enlighten us on that?

> On 3.2.2011 21:39, Angelo van der Sijpt wrote:
>> Hi Premek,
>> Hm, it should be enough programmatically create the links, let the 

That's probably what we do - we access the ACE repository from within 
our code via its URL interface similarly to the legacy (checkout and commit command) as 
described at

We modify the mappings repository in three steps:
1) download the mapping as XML
2) Parse and modify the XML by DOM
3) Upload the modified mapping to ACE Server

>> StatefulGatewayRepository generate the new deployment version (you 
>> could, for instance, start logging events to see whether that 
>> actually happens), and commit the RepositoryAdmin.
>> You are using the API's provided for this, e.g. the GatewayRepository 
>> and friends? Besides, did you remember to either approve the gateway, 
>> or to turn on its AutoApprove property?

StatefulGatewayRepository and RepositoryAdmin aren't used because, erm, 
we don’t know how to use them. Would it be possible to give or point us 
to some simple example code (like that in RepositoryTool class)?

Premek and Tomas

>> On Feb 2, 2011, at 3:35 PM, Premek Brada wrote:
>>> Hello everybody,
>>> while working on an IDE for Apache ACE (see 
>>>, we ran into an 
>>> interesting issue: We are able to build a bundle from its Eclipse 
>>> PDE project, and store the resulting new bundle version into ACE 
>>> repository (server started off Eclipse). Then we successfully update 
>>> the bundle-feature-distibution mapping and distribution-target 
>>> mapping by manipulating the corresponding xml config files, but are 
>>> unable to find a way to programmatically update the bundle-target 
>>> mapping config which is (strangely?) also needed. The new version of 
>>> the bundle therefore cannot be automatically pushed to a configured 
>>> target.
>>> (In other words, we are able to modify these ...
>>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=shop&version=XX

>>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=gateway&version=XX

>>> ... but don't know how to modify this
>>> http://localhost:8080/repository/checkout?customer=apache&name=deployment&version=XX

>>> )
>>> Currently therefore we resorted to a "solution" to bring up a popup 
>>> window in Eclipse, instructing the user to run the Web UI and click 
>>> "retrieve" and "store" so as to update the bundle-target mapping.
>>> Surely there must be a better way :) or at least so we think (a 
>>> "hidden" API or at least a well-defined URL on the repo/server). 
>>> Could someone enlighten us please?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Premek
>>> PS: If you think an ACE IDE could be helpful to you, please feel 
>>> free to try it; we need feedback and ideas for its further evolution.
>>> -- 
>>> Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
>>> Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering
>>> University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ
>>> << brada at | | +420-377-63-2435>>

Premek Brada (Ing et MSc, PhD)
   Lecturer in Software enginering, Webmaster
   Department of Computer Science and Engineering
   University of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ
   <<  brada at | | +420-377-63-2435>>

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