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From "Crissman, Dennis" <>
Subject Re: Maven migration, almost there.
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 20:00:46 GMT

I have been following the community for sometime, but this is my first
posting back.

I am attempting to stand up the server and gateway. Aside from the two felix
bundles mentioned below, I have run into some additional problems.

Before I get to that, when I first attempted to run both I got the following
error message:
 -> Felix 2.0.1 : connecting...
Oops, there has been a problem!
URL [mvn:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.main/2.0.1] could not be
To resolve I simply added the missing package to the maven repository. Not
sure if this is a dependency that was missed in the POM, but thought I might
mention it.

After that hurdle, I am now getting different error messages for each.

[file:/path/apache-ace/ace-devserver/ace-bundles/surefire-testng-2.5.jar] is
not a valid bundle

Felix actually stands up, but a series of exceptions are thrown. I will
attach them to keep this email short, but they all seem to revolve around
junit.framework being unresolved.

Any assistance on these would be appreciated.


On 3/20/10 8:16 AM, "Marcel Offermans" <> wrote:

> On Mar 19, 2010, at 0:18 , Marcel Offermans wrote:
>> There is one remaining issue, and I can't seem to make that work, even with
>> the example that Jean-Baptiste provided, and that is the WebUI bundle
>> (ace-webui). This is a GWT based WAR file that has been converted into a
>> bundle (JAR) file, adding some specific OSGi metadata. Please check the
>> bundle you get when building legacy/core (in deploy/bundle) for reference.
>> I tried using the URL handler to dynamically wrap a WAR but that does not
>> seem to get me a fully working bundle in this case. It seems to work but
>> interaction with the server is not working, and the URL handler does not pick
>> up on the Activator that is in there and that must be invoked to hook the WAR
>> up to the rest of the bundles.
> With some help of Toni, yesterday we finally made this bundle work. Of course
> there were still a few other issues that prevented the whole system from
> working properly, but I feel those have been addressed now too.
> The whole build works, provided you make sure that you build some "snapshots"
> that ACE depends upon first. These are some bundles that reside in the Apache
> Felix project and have not yet been released (in this form or at all):
> Dependency Manager: we migrated to the 3.x version, which broke some APIs and
> is still under construction (we don't use the features that are being worked
> on yet, so from our point of view its using the stable bits).
> Deployment Admin: which has also been updated to use 3.x of the dependency
> manager and is still unreleased (mostly because of a missing feature that ACE
> does not use).
> So build those first, then to do a full build, use:
> mvn clean install -Prelease,targets
> If all of that worked, you should have two working distributions: a server and
> a target (in ace-target-devserver/target/ and ace-target-devgateway/target/
> where you can both find zip files and a folder of the same name).
> You can run both from a shell with:
> sh
> Then point your browser to:
> http://localhost:8080/webui/
> Now you should be able to see the target, create features, distributions, add
> artifacts (place them in the store/ folder first and then add them via the UI)
> and link them all together.
> There's still plenty of work to do. We should migrate both the unit (ACE-78)
> and integration tests (ACE-79) and we should discuss grouping our artifacts
> into folders to get a better overview (the flat list of artifacts is
> confusing).
> Greetings, Marcel

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