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From Brian Topping <>
Subject Re: Deployment / CI builds
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 00:30:48 GMT
Yes, I believe that's the case because Apache Infrastructure has added  
the necessary keys to upload to the Nexus repository to the Hudson  
instance, and those aren't available on Atlassian's site.

On Dec 14, 2009, at 5:27 PM, Marcel Offermans wrote:

> Does this require us to switch to Hudson or will this work with the  
> Bamboo server that Atlassian provides to several Apache projects?  
> Just asking, either build server will probably work just fine. :)
> On Dec 14, 2009, at 17:41 , Brian Topping wrote:
>> Actually, I believe 
>> INFRA-1918 may be more accurate for what we need... which means we  
>> don't need a vote.  Just have to get the build working with Hudson  
>> and we may be on our way.
>> On Dec 14, 2009, at 11:28 AM, Marcel Offermans wrote:
>>> Hello Brian,
>>> On Dec 14, 2009, at 16:52 , Brian Topping wrote:
>>>> discusses what  
>>>> is required to get on the Nexus managed repository for staging.   
>>>> As in incubating project, we are not allowed to "promote" our  
>>>> artifacts, so I believe we are interested in "staging without  
>>>> promotion".  Apache Shiro is also in incubation and appears to be  
>>>> doing the same thing, and this deprecates's  
>>>> repository.
>>>> Brian Fox has asked projects to hold a vote that he can reference  
>>>> for inclusion, so I'd like to start that in this thread.
>>>> My vote is +1 for inclusion of Ace snapshot artifacts without  
>>>> promotion in the Apache Nexus repository.
>>> For clarity, we should probably start a separate thread to vote on  
>>> this?!?
>>> One question, how exactly does this snapshot publication work?  
>>> I've read the INFRA-1896 issue and browsed through the Nexus Book.  
>>> Is it possible to automatically deploy snapshots from our Bamboo  
>>> build server (for which we do not have shell access so we might  
>>> have issues there supplying credentials)? Ideally, if we publish  
>>> snapshots, I'd like to automate that as much as possible, so I'm  
>>> wondering what our options are here?
>>> Greetings, Marcel

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