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From "Jean-Baptiste Onofré">
Subject Re: Terminology
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 15:27:32 GMT

Just for your information, here's the terminology used in AutoDeploy. Maybe we can find some
matching points.

Environment : an environment is a container which hosts update units and define the update
Update Units: an update unit is a resource which can be included in one or more steps of an
update plan. AutoDeploy supports the following update units:
  JEE application server (weblogic, websphere, jboss)
 JDBC data sources
 JMS servers/queues/topics
 Shared lib
 JNDI aliases
 Location (local or remote filesystem)
 System command
 JEE artifacts (ear/war) 
 Configuration files (with regexp substitution)
 Database (with SQL scripts execution)
Update Plan: an update plan is the workflow description of an update. It mixes update units
by steps to perform an update logic.

Maybe it can give us some ideas ;)

------Original Message------
From: Carsten Ziegeler
Subject: Re: Terminology
Sent: Nov 12, 2009 15:50

Marcel Offermans wrote
> Apart from confusing some users, I also discovered that not everybody
> uses the same terms. However, I am sure we can reach some kind of
> consensus on this list!
Yepp, I guess this will be interesting discussion as we might get
different suggestions for the same thing :) But I guess we can manage that.

My first suggestions would be:

- Artifacts
(Bundles would be wrong and components could be confusing as these are
not components in the oo sense)
- Features (for Groups)
- License is the tough one. Maybe its something like "product"? Or

Carsten Ziegeler

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