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From Marcel Offermans <>
Subject Building and running ACE...
Date Thu, 02 Jul 2009 23:01:35 GMT
I just finished working on finishing ACE-19, renaming all packages  
from net.luminis.liq.* to org.apache.ace.* and related references. Now  
that everything builds and passes the tests again (running "ant  
release") the next step will be to actually try and create something  
that can be used.

I would like to propose we work towards a useable version (and then a  
release) in two steps:

1) Create a version of the server that works a bit like the Apache  
Felix file installer, but on a server: you can create folders for each  
target you want to deploy to, with subfolders for every version  
holding files (bundles, etc.) for that version. As long as you only  
have a few targets, versions and bundles, it's still possible to  
manage deployments like this.

2) Create a UI for the client (probably a web based UI is a good  
choice) and create a version of the server that can be managed with  
that client. The UI handles all situations where you have a lot of  
targets, versions and/or bundles.


Greetings, Marcel

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