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From Bram de Kruijff <>
Subject deployment, cache and startlevels
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:50:23 GMT
Hi all,

Great to see this project taking off. With some minor troubles I got a first integration with
our application (used the dev-gateway as a template) working with the filebased server example
:) This has however triggered some questions about how things are gonna work in the real world.
Guess they are a little bit ace/felix borderline but IMHO relevant to ACE so I post them here.

First, I noticed that the snapshot DeploymentAdmin uses a 'persistent' data file to keep track
of DeploymentPackages between restarts of the framework. Unfortunately Felix bundle cache
puts this data in the cache dir which is cleared when booting with
which is what we like do to keep things clean. As a consequence DeploymentAdmin can't keep
track of things between restarts. How should we manage this? I am I doing a stupid thing by
always cleaning the cache? Is Felix wrong by putting 'persistent' data in a 'cache' dir? Is
there some way around this that I am not aware of?

Second, I do not understand how to map DeploymentAdmin and the startlevel concept together.
I do not see a way to manage startlevel in a DeploymentPackage and can't find a reference
to it in the spec. In my current setup just puts everything in the default startlevel which
is not exactly what I would want eventually. I hope someone can enlighten me :s


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