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Subject svn commit: r1641582 - in /ace/site/trunk: content/docs.mdtext content/docs/index.mdtext content/docs/using-basic-auth.mdtext templates/sidenav.html
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 11:29:35 GMT
Author: jawi
Date: Tue Nov 25 11:29:35 2014
New Revision: 1641582

Moved /docs.html to /docs/index.html:

- more logical place, avoids directory listing or the need for placeholder pages.


Modified: ace/site/trunk/content/docs/index.mdtext
--- ace/site/trunk/content/docs/index.mdtext (original)
+++ ace/site/trunk/content/docs/index.mdtext Tue Nov 25 11:29:35 2014
@@ -1,4 +1,73 @@
-# Documentation
+Title: Documentation
-You probably want to go back to the [main documentation](/docs.mdtext).
+Apache ACE is a software distribution framework that allows you to manage and deploy
+modular OSGi-based applications to many different clients, also known as "targets" in ACE
+terminology, allowing precise control over which target gets which software. Its key
+features are:
+* being able to deploy software to many different targets;
+* atomic upgrades: if an upgrade fails for a target, it is automatically rolled back to
+  the former state;
+* deploy different configurations for different targets;
+* smart redeployments of only the changed artifacts to your targets;
+* complete control on the deployment strategy for your targets.
+## Getting started
+If you are interested in just get Apache ACE up and running, you can read the [getting
+started in 5 minutes](/docs/getting-started-5-mins.html). To get more information about
+the history of Apache ACE, read all about its [history and
+## Using Apache ACE
+Resources that go into more detail on using Apache ACE:
+* read all about using Apache ACE in the [users guide](/docs/user-guide.html);
+* all about managing users using ACE's web UI can be read in the [user management
+  guide](/docs/user-management-guide.html);
+* [information about the various roles used in Apache ACE](/docs/ace-roles.html);
+* accessing Apache ACE [using the Gogo shell](/docs/shell-api.html);
+* accessing Apache ACE from [its REST API](/docs/rest-api.html);
+* to handle a large number of targets, you can make use of [intermediate relay
+  servers](/docs/configuring-relay-servers.html);
+* configuring HTTP Basic authentication in ACE is described in the [authentication
+  guide](/docs/using-basic-auth.html);
+* configuring ACE to use two-way SSL is described in [using client
+  certificates](/docs/using-client-certificates.html);
+* various deployment strategies for Apache ACE are described in the [ACE deployment
+  strategies document](/docs/ace-deployment-strategies.html);
+## Developing for Apache ACE
+There are several resources available on extending and developing for Apache ACE, such as:
+* [setting up an development environment for developing for Apache
+  ACE](/docs/setup-dev-environment.html);
+* more details on writing unit and/or integration tests can be found in [this
+  document](/docs/writing-tests.html);
+* all about the coding style and guidelines can be found in the [coding
+  standards](/docs/coding-standards.html);
+* guidelines for releasing Apache ACE can be found in [the release
+  guide](/docs/release-guide.html);
+* more information about the architectural principals can be found in [the architectural
+  guide](/docs/architecture.html);
+* if you are interested in performing load tests, or want to get started with automating
+  ACE deployments, read all about it in our [test script
+  document](/docs/test-script.html);
+* various use cases are described on the [use cases page](/docs/use-cases);
+* [adding support for new types of artifacts](/docs/adding-custom-artifact-types.html);
+* detailed analysis documentation giving background information on some development
+  principles currently used:
+  - [audit log analysis](/docs/analysis/auditlog-analysis.html);
+  - [bundle repository analysis](/docs/analysis/bundlerepository-analysis.html);
+  - [security analysis](/docs/analysis/security-analysis.html);
+  - [template mechanism](/docs/analysis/template-mechanism.html).
+* detailed design documentation:
+  - [authentication design](/docs/design/authentication-design.html);
+  - [remote interface design](/docs/design/remote-interfaces.html);
+  - [audit log details](/docs/design/auditlog-protocol.html);

Modified: ace/site/trunk/content/docs/using-basic-auth.mdtext
--- ace/site/trunk/content/docs/using-basic-auth.mdtext (original)
+++ ace/site/trunk/content/docs/using-basic-auth.mdtext Tue Nov 25 11:29:35 2014
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ recently added authentication layer of A
 authentication to your situation.
 More details on the design of the authentication mechanism in ACE can be found in the
-[design documentation](/docs/design/authentication-design.mdtext).
+[design documentation](/docs/design/authentication-design.html).
 ## Configuring authentication

Modified: ace/site/trunk/templates/sidenav.html
--- ace/site/trunk/templates/sidenav.html (original)
+++ ace/site/trunk/templates/sidenav.html Tue Nov 25 11:29:35 2014
@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@
     <a href="/downloads.html">Downloads</a>
-  <li class="dropdown">
-    <a href="/docs.html">Documentation</a>
+  <li>
+    <a href="/docs/index.html">Documentation</a>
   <li class="dropdown">
     <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">Get Involved <b class="caret"></b></a>

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