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Subject svn commit: r1487781 - /ace/site/trunk/content/user-doc/getting-started.mdtext
Date Thu, 30 May 2013 08:13:16 GMT
Author: bramk
Date: Thu May 30 08:13:16 2013
New Revision: 1487781

ACE-139 Added ACE 1.0 download/startup instructions


Modified: ace/site/trunk/content/user-doc/getting-started.mdtext
--- ace/site/trunk/content/user-doc/getting-started.mdtext (original)
+++ ace/site/trunk/content/user-doc/getting-started.mdtext Thu May 30 08:13:16 2013
@@ -2,17 +2,25 @@ Title: Getting Started
 This guide shows the core functionality of ACE, organizing bundles and other artifacts into
logical features and distributions and associating those with specific targets, all done using
a convenient web interface.
-##Using Apache ACE
-### Starting the server
+## Download and startup
 To start using ACE, you must first launch a server. If you're a developer, you can do that
inside Eclipse, as explained [here](/dev-doc/getting-started.html). Otherwise, you need to
download a distribution of the server, unpack it, and start it up:
+### Version 0.8.1
 1. Download a binary distribution of the server from the [download](/downloads.html) page.
 1. Unpack the archive somewhere on your filesystem.
 1. Start it by running `` (on Linux and Mac OS X) or `run.bat` (on Windows).
-### Working with ACE
+### Version 1.0 (comming soon)
+1. Download the binary distribution called `apache-ace-<version>` from the
[download](/downloads.html) page.
+1. Unpack the archive somewhere on your filesystem.
+1. Navigate to the sub directory `server-allinone`.
+1. Start it by running `java -jar server-allinone.jar`
+## Working with ACE
 Apache ACE has both a Web UI and a [REST API](restapi.html) to interact with it. Both use
a similar workflow. You start by checking out a copy of the workspace, then you work on that
copy, and finally you commit your changes back to the server.

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