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Subject svn commit: r1471018 - /ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/getting-started.mdtext
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:40:22 GMT
Author: marrs
Date: Tue Apr 23 15:40:22 2013
New Revision: 1471018

The getting started guide now correctly explains how to make a binary distribution and use


Modified: ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/getting-started.mdtext
--- ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/getting-started.mdtext (original)
+++ ace/site/trunk/content/dev-doc/getting-started.mdtext Tue Apr 23 15:40:22 2013
@@ -144,13 +144,16 @@ There actually are a few more, but these
 The next step is to create an archive for the server, so we end up with something we can
actually run:
-    $ ant -f bin-build.xml package
+    $ ant package-bin
-Now, in the generated folder, two archives will have been created, and there are also subfolders
with the same names as the archives that you can go into and run. You can start the server
like this:
+Now, in the generated folder, an archive will have been created. You can unzip this archive,
which should expose a couple of subfolders with the same names as the runnable projects that
you can go into and run. You can start the "all in one" server like this:
-    $ cd generated/ace-devserver
-    $ sh
+    $ unzip
+    $ cd server-allinone/
+    $ java -jar server-allinone.jar
+For other projects, the steps are similar to this: just go into the correct folder and launch
the jar file.
 ### ...add an OSGi bundle

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