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From Arvind Shyamsundar <>
Subject Uniquely identifying metrics with multiple tservers per node.
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2019 00:38:44 GMT
We are testing Apache Accumulo 1.9.3 on Microsoft Azure. For centrally gathering metrics we
are sending Accumulo and Hadoop metrics to collectd's statsd plugin (which acts as a statsd
sink), which in turn forwards those metrics to an Azure monitoring service. The
looks like this:

accumulo.sink.statsd.skip.hostname=false             # we have tried setting this to true
and also to false, but that still does not include the service instance.

Everything works great when we have the default of 1 tserver per node. However, when running
2 tservers per node (Accumulo 1.9.3), we find that the metrics being reported (TabletServer.tserver.general.ingestRate
for example) are not qualified / distinguished with the service instance ID (1_ or 2_) in
the name. It appears as though only the values for one instance are being sent. As a result,
we are unable to accurately measure aggregate metrics (as an example, the value of ingestRate
recorded through this route is ~ 50% of what is shown on the Monitor UI).

If someone has an example of how to configure and multiple
tservers per node in a way that the counter names would be distinguished by their service
instance ID, that would be really helpful.

Thank you!

- Arvind.

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