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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Kerberos Ticket Renewal (when not updating Hadoop user)
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 14:02:44 GMT
My point was that this is a problem you need to solve in GeoMesa and it 
doesn't matter how you go about doing it :). A proxy around Connector 
would be one way to do this, if that's what you're exposing to your users.

Like I said earlier, you should be ensuring that any call which may 
result in an RPC is wrapped in a doAs().

On 6/13/19 4:41 PM, Emilio Lahr-Vivaz wrote:
> Hello,
> GeoMesa is a library (providing a GeoTools data store backed by 
> Accumulo, among other things), so there isn't a single entry point. We 
> could try to wrap every method call, but that would likely be complex 
> (the GeoTools API has a lot of surface area).
> Would it make sense to create a delegate proxy for the Accumulo 
> connection instance, and wrap all its methods with a doAs()? Sometimes 
> we create additional threads, or create a scanner but then pass it off 
> before reading it - would we need to wrap e.g. every call to next() on a 
> scanner, or would wrapping the connector call to create it be enough?
> Thanks,
> Emilio
> On 6/13/19 4:09 PM, Josh Elser wrote:
>> Yes. Anything in which you're interacting with Accumulo (read-as, 
>> anything that's going to execute an RPC to talk to the Master or a 
>> TabletServer) needs to be wrapped in a doAs().
>> What's often easiest is to wrap your "entry point" in a doAs().
>> For example, if you had some class with a main:
>> public class MyGeoMesa {
>>   public MyGeoMesa() {}
>>   public void do() {...}
>>   public static void main(String[] args) {
>>     (new MyGeoMesa()).do();
>>   }
>> }
>> You could turn that `do()` call into:
>> UserGroupInformation user = 
>> UserGroupInformation.loginFromKeytabAndReturnUGI(..):
>> user.doAs(new PrivilegedExecution<Void>() {
>>   public Void run() {
>>     (new MyGeoMesa()).do();
>>     return null;
>>   }
>> });
>> On 6/13/19 3:38 PM, James Srinivasan wrote:
>>> Thanks, I think that helps. If I'm no longer updating the Hadoop user,
>>> do I have to use doAs for any operation that touches Accumulo? I fear
>>> there are lots...
>>> James
>>> On Thu, 13 Jun 2019 at 20:21, Josh Elser <> wrote:
>>>> Hi James,
>>>> A thread calling checkTGTAndReloginFromKeytab() is still what you want
>>>> for renewals. Just make sure you wrap that in a UGI.doAs() for the user
>>>> whose ticket you want to renew.
>>>> In general, you just want to wrap any Accumulo-related calls in a 
>>>> doAs()
>>>> to avoid fallback onto the "loginUser" semantics that UGI has. Being
>>>> explicit with a doAs() for the user you want to run some code as is the
>>>> trick.
>>>> Does that help?
>>>> On 6/13/19 3:10 PM, James Srinivasan wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I'm finally getting around to fixing up some deprecation issues with
>>>>> our use of Kerberos with Accumulo and GeoMesa
>>>>> ( Because I didn't know any
>>>>> better at the time, I used the KerberosToken ctor specifying that the
>>>>> Hadoop user should be replaced. Combined with a thread to periodically
>>>>> renew the ticket (calling
>>>>> UserGroupInformation.getCurrentUser.checkTGTAndReloginFromKeytab()),
>>>>> this has worked nicely for us.
>>>>> However, there are some unfortunate side effects of updating the
>>>>> Hadoop user - for instance, subsequent HDFS operations use the new
>>>>> user, who may not have the same permissions as the original user in a
>>>>> Zeppelin-type notebook environment. Plus the replaceCurrentUser param
>>>>> is deprecated and removed in Accumulo 2.0. So I'm keen on not
>>>>> replacing the Hadoop user, but how do I handle ticket renewal?
>>>>> Thanks very much,
>>>>> James

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