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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Dynamic set of visibility labels / Trusted query
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2018 14:40:50 GMT
Remember that visibility labels are effectively post-filters. If you 
want to support access patterns of data based on specific data sources, 
you would need to structure your data in such a way that you can find 
all of the data from that sensor fast.

If the kind of data you get from one sensor is static (e.g. always of a 
specific type), I'd suggest you build labels based on that. Labels 
describing the data itself, instead of the sensor which that data came from.

If you need to filter data purely based on the sensor the data came 
from, I can't think of a better approach than tagging each sensor. This 
will have limitations when it comes to the built-in ZooKeeper-backed 
visibility labels implementation which you will have to eventually 
consider replacing (the ZK impl can probably only scale to the 
10000s-100000s of labels)

On 9/11/18 10:01 AM, Rob Verkuylen wrote:
> Thnx Josh,
> You're right, I wont change the labels or their meaning. In this use 
> case I have sensor data coming in from X amount of sensors, all labeled 
> SensorX. New sensor data comes in every day from existing sources, but 
> also from newly installed sensors with a previously unknown but unique 
> name. I want to label the data with the sensorname, so I can give ppl 
> access to the sensordata belonging to them specifically or their team.
> The amount of sensors can run into the thousands, meaning that amount of 
> labels added to the user. I get that adding auth labels makes sense when 
> the labels are pretty much static, but what of use cases like these? 
> Would a filtering iterator be a better match?
> Thnx, Rob
> On Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 6:04 PM, Josh Elser < 
> <>> wrote:
>     I think you know this already, but I'm not 100% sure based on your
>     message: trying to change the labels on the data is a bad idea. If
>     you need to handle a case where a label means one thing on day1 and
>     another thing on day2, you would need to build the logic to handle that.
>     The only other thing I thought of is that you will have to write
>     code that updates your "trusted user" to have all of the
>     authorization labels that you might use. Even the Accumulo
>     "superuser" must have the proper authorizations set that you want to
>     use.
>     On 9/10/18 9:40 AM, Rob Verkuylen wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I'm designing a table where the ColumnVisibility is based off of
>         labels within the data as it comes in. I know the formatting,
>         but not the exact label names and the labels change over time.
>         Based on the labels of the data which I can use for
>         ColumnVisibility and the user's access to certain
>         labels(determined via LDAP group memberchip) I want to use the
>         labels as a filtering mechanism.
>         Questions are: Is this the best approach? Obviously this works
>         client side, but I want to push the filtering to the server. It
>         seems that I need to assign every possible label to a user, to
>         get access to it. Ideally I would have a trusted used with all
>         access and the query engine extracts the labels from the current
>         user and uses them as authorisation labels.
>         I guess this is also possible with (custom?) filtering on the
>         server, but this would seem the ideal use case for visibility
>         labels with Accumulo to me.
>         Thnx, Rob

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