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From vLex Systems <>
Subject Re: Problems with accumulo replication
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2018 11:06:25 GMT
Could it be the second problem?

I'm seeing exceptions like this one in the tablet server logs:
2018-01-02 09:09:23,481 [zookeeper.DistributedWorkQueue] WARN : Failed
to process work b1bba0c2-dde2-42d4-8c10-ef51d13448ca|peer1|4l|6
java.lang.RuntimeException: Instance name peer1 does not exist in
zookeeper.  Run "accumulo
org.apache.accumulo.server.util.ListInstances" to see a list.

When I run "accumulo org.apache.accumulo.server.util.ListInstances" it
only lists the primary accumulo.
Could the problem be in the ZooKeeper Quorum I used when I registered
the peer instance? I used the IP ot the peer as the only IP as the
ZooKeeper Quorum value.

2017-12-29 16:07 GMT+01:00 Josh Elser <>:
> If the system is reporting files that need to be replicated, it's probably
> one of two problems:
> * The WALs are still in use by the TabletServers. In its current
> implementation, the WALs are not replicated until the TabletServers don't
> referenced those WALs. This happens either by writing enough data or when
> the tabletserver is restarted. You can try to investigate either for this.
> * The replication is trying to happen but fails. You can look at the
> TabletServer logs on the primary instance to see if there are any reported
> exceptions around sending the data to the peer.
> On 12/29/17 8:24 AM, vLex Systems wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've configured replication between two instances of accumulo: one is
>> the primary accumulo and the other is a peer created from a restore of
>> the backup of the primary.
>> I've followed the instructions in the manual
>> (
>> and I can see the 4 tables I've configured to replicate in the
>> Accumulo Monitor but they do not replicate. They have 1 or 2 "Files
>> needing replication" and this number never decreases.
>> I've also tried inserting data in one of the tables and the data does
>> not replicate to the accumulo peer instance.
>> In the master log I see many entries like this one:
>> 2017-12-29 13:22:25,490 [replication.RemoveCompleteReplicationRecords]
>> INFO : Removed 0 complete replication entries from the table
>> accumulo.replication
>> Does anyone know what could be happening?
>> Thanks.

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