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From Christopher <>
Subject Re: Another VisibilityEvaluator question
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2017 23:43:53 GMT
Not in the current implementation. As I understand it, though, you are
writing an alternate VisibilityEvaluator. The IteratorEnvironment that is
passed in contains a reference to the current table's configuration. It
doesn't have the table name or id, but it does have its configuration, so
if you were to insert a configuration property into that particular table,
you could read it in the VisibilityFilter, and modify that to pass it to
the VisibilityEvaluator.

Alternatively, you could update the IteratorEnvironment interface to
include a table ID getter (or name, but ID is more reliable). This would
avoid requiring you to put anything in the table's configuration, but may
require you to modify a more code. (Might be a good idea to add this
upstream; I created an issue:

Either strategy would involve getting some information from the environment
from within the VisibilityFilter, and passing that along to the

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 12:40 AM o haya <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is a way for code inside the VisibilityEvaluator
> to get the name of the "current" table (the table that is being processed)?
> Thanks,
> Jim

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