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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: ClientConfiguration using Kerberos & MapReduce
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 20:31:55 GMT
On 6/7/17 3:54 PM, James Srinivasan wrote:
> [snip]
>>> Fortunately I found this:
>>> Is it a good example of Accumulo + MapReduce that I can copy?
>> That one is definitely over-kill. There's a bit of reflection in there to
>> work around older versions of Accumulo. However, it should be an example of
>> something that does work with Kerberos authentication.
>> Also, take note that Hive uses the InputFormat regardless of the execution
>> engine (local, MapReduce, Tez, etc). There are some comments to that effect
>> in the code. You can likely simplify those methods/blocks as well :)
> Think those are two things I'll need to handle at some point anyways.
> I think I'm setting all the AccumuloInputFormat statics correctly, and
> see the DelegationToken in my job's and context's credentials.
> However, my custom InputFormat's createRecordReader function needs to
> connect to Accumulo to get some config. Am I right in thinking I need
> to convert the Hadoop wrapped token (kind=ACCUMULO_AUTH_TOKEN) into an
> Accumulo DelegationToken to create my connector? If so, how do I do
> that?

Yes, you need to deserialize the AuthenticationToken from the 
InputSplit. You can look back into the AccumuloInputFormat 
implementation to see how this is done:



This pulls the "DelegationTokenStub" out of the InputFormat and creates 
a real Accumulo AuthenticationToken (which you can use with a Connector 

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