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From James Srinivasan <>
Subject Fwd: ClientConfiguration using Kerberos & MapReduce
Date Thu, 11 May 2017 19:14:30 GMT

I am attempting to add Kerberos support to GeoMesa's [1] MapReduce
code, running on Accumulo. The current code calls:

conf, instance, zookeepers)

where conf is the generic Hadoop configuration read from XML files,
and instance & zookeepers are the Accumulo instance name and Zookeeper
address(es) respectively.

This in turn calls:

conf, new ClientConfiguration().withInstance(instanceName).withZkHosts(zooKeepers));

Which creates an Accumulo ClientConfiguration with the default
settings, specifying the Accumulo instance name and the Zookeeper
address(es). This is fine for non-Kerberized usage, but with Kerberos
I need to ensure withSasl is added to the ClientConfiguration,
otherwise it will try to connect without SASL and annoyingly hang.

ConfiguratorBase has no other overrides for setZookeeperInstance, so I
don't see how this would ever work with Kerberos. It is marked as
deprecated, which points me to AccumuloInputFormat, but I'm a little
confused as to how this API relates to ConfiguratorBase.

Any help is much appreciated,



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