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From Ara Ebrahimi <>
Subject slowdown in ingest performance
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2017 21:25:55 GMT

I’m trying to tune an accumulo 1.7 cluster. We have 3 tablet servers. tservers are configured
to use 32GB of heap (each machine has 256GB mem and 4 disks). These are the configuration
changes we’ve made:

config -s table.cache.block.enable=true
config -s

config -s tserver.compaction.minor.concurrent.max=50
config -s tserver.compaction.major.concurrent.max=8
config -s tserver.recovery.concurrent.max=4

config -s tserver.wal.replication=2
config -s tserver.wal.blocksize=2G
config -s tserver.walog.max.size=2G
config -s tserver.mutation.queue.max=4M
config -s tserver.memory.maps.max=20G

config -s table.compaction.major.ratio=10
config -s table.compaction.minor.logs.threshold=15
config -s table.file.max=30

config -s table.split.threshold=1024G

config -s table.durability=flush

Reasonable? Any suggestions?

The problem is we see a gradual ingest slow down (see attached screenshot). Why the slowdown?
And how to prevent it? The ingest process is one backed by Kafka and is super fast.




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