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From Christopher <>
Subject Tuned performance profiles for Accumulo
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2016 19:51:30 GMT
Has anybody used tuned ("tune D") to manage their system performance
profiles on an Accumulo cluster?

I've recently been looking into tuned, and found it a very convenient tool
for switching between performance profiles, and verifying the current
configuration. It beats manually setting sysctl settings (which I usually
forget to do right away).

I haven't actually created my own tuned profiles, though, because I'm not
an expert on Linux system tuning. However, I have found the built-in
latency-network profile to be useful.

Has anybody tried a custom profile (for Accumulo specifically, or Hadoop
clusters in general)?

Has anybody else found using tuned profiles to be a useful way to manage
(CM and verification) system configuration for your clusters?

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