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From Jeff Kubina <>
Subject Re: Tuned performance profiles for Accumulo
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2016 22:05:18 GMT
On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 3:51 PM, Christopher <> wrote:

> Has anybody used tuned ("tune D") to manage their system performance
> profiles on an Accumulo cluster?

Yes, we use it a lot.

> I've recently been looking into tuned, and found it a very convenient tool
> for switching between performance profiles, and verifying the current
> configuration. It beats manually setting sysctl settings (which I usually
> forget to do right away).

It does enable tuning of many aspects of the system in one place which is
nice. The only tuning that I had to move to the grub files was turning off
transparent huge pages. Upon startup some processes were able to allocate
THP before tuned disabled them.

I haven't actually created my own tuned profiles, though, because I'm not
> an expert on Linux system tuning. However, I have found the built-in
> latency-network profile to be useful.

> Has anybody tried a custom profile (for Accumulo specifically, or Hadoop
> clusters in general)?

I have created tuned profiles for our datanodes (tservers, proc_datanode,
mesos-slaves) and various super nodes (namenodes, accumulo master, resource
managers, zookeepers, kafka, etc). I use tuned for static tuning only even
though it has dynamic tuning available. Each profile is designed for
maximum performance of the processes it runs.

> Has anybody else found using tuned profiles to be a useful way to manage
> (CM and verification) system configuration for your clusters?

Yes, but just for tuning and there is some tuning that just can be done
using it. For example, mounting datanode drives with noatime. We use
kickstart, salt, and Cloudera Manager for all of our configuration
management and verification. We push out our tuned profiles via salt.

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