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From Jonathan Wonders <>
Subject visibility constraint performance
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2016 18:49:43 GMT
Hi All,

I've been tracking down some performance issues on a few 1.6.x environments
and noticed some interesting and potentially undesirable behavior in the
visibility constraint.  When the associated visibility evaluator checks a
token to see if the user has a matching authorization, it uses the security
operations from the tablet server's constraint environment which ends up
authenticating the user's credentials on each call.  This will end up
flooding logs with Audit messages corresponding to these authentications if
the Audit logging is enabled.  It also consumes a non-negligible amount of
CPU, produces a lot of garbage (maybe 50-60% of that generated under a
heavy streaming ingest load), and can cause some contention between client
pool threads when accessing the ZooCache.

My initial measurements indicate a 25-30% decrease in ingest rate
(entries/s and MB/s) for my environement and workload when this constraint
is enabled.  This is with the Audit logging disabled.

Is this intended behavior?  It seems like the authentication is redundant
with the authentication that is performed at the beginning of the update


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