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From Adam Fuchs <>
Subject Re: Adding a second node to a single node installation
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 18:50:25 GMT

I think you're going to have to do a few things to get the nodes to act as
a cluster:

1. How would you like your Zookeeper cluster to be set up? If you're
planning on using a one-node Zookeeper instance on the master node, then
you may need to turn zookeeper off on your second node and set the property in your accumulo-site.xml file. There are
other ways to get multiple zookeeper nodes to participate in a quorum that
are specified in the zookeeper documentation.

2. I'm guessing that your HDFS is also set up to have two distinct
filesystems on the two nodes. Accumulo requires the same filesystem
perspective on each node, so you'll need to create an HDFS instance that
spans the cluster following the distributed configuration guide in the
Hadoop documentation, then tell Accumulo to use that HDFS instance via the
instance.volumes property in accumulo-site.xml.

3. You generally don't need to run bin/accumulo init to add a node, only to
create a new cluster. However, you may have a tough time migrating existing
from your single node HDFS setup to a clustered setup. Migrating data is
possible, but if initializing again for the cluster is OK then that will be
an easier option.


On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 7:33 AM, Cyrille Savelief <>

> Hi,
> I have a single node Accumulo installation on Google Compute Engine
> working perfectly fine. I am now trying to add a second node but I am not
> able to make it work in cooperation with the first node. What I did :
> *On the first node*
> - stopped accumulo : ./bin/
> - replaced localhost by the DNS of the current node in /conf/masters
> - replaced localhost by the DNS of the current node in /conf/slaves
> - added the DNS of the new node to /conf/slaves
> - started accumulo again : ./bin/
> *Result*
> - Everything is working fine : the monitor shows up and I am able to
> ingest data.
> *On the second node*
> - Hadoop, ZooKeeper and Accumulo have been installed
> - Files from the first node /conf directory have been copied to the second
> node /conf directory
> - ./bin/accumulo init has been executed
> - accumulo has been started via ./bin/ without errors
> *Result*
> - The monitor shows up for the second node with the indication "MASTER IS
> DOWN".
> - The instance-id are differents on the first and second nodes although
> instance-name are identicals.
> - There are no errors in the log files.
> Did I miss something ?
> Best,

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