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From Cyrille Savelief <>
Subject Fwd: Adding a second node to a single node installation
Date Mon, 23 May 2016 14:33:36 GMT

I have a single node Accumulo installation on Google Compute Engine working
perfectly fine. I am now trying to add a second node but I am not able to
make it work in cooperation with the first node. What I did :

*On the first node*
- stopped accumulo : ./bin/
- replaced localhost by the DNS of the current node in /conf/masters
- replaced localhost by the DNS of the current node in /conf/slaves
- added the DNS of the new node to /conf/slaves
- started accumulo again : ./bin/

- Everything is working fine : the monitor shows up and I am able to ingest

*On the second node*
- Hadoop, ZooKeeper and Accumulo have been installed
- Files from the first node /conf directory have been copied to the second
node /conf directory
- ./bin/accumulo init has been executed
- accumulo has been started via ./bin/ without errors

- The monitor shows up for the second node with the indication "MASTER IS
- The instance-id are differents on the first and second nodes although
instance-name are identicals.
- There are no errors in the log files.

Did I miss something ?


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