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From David Boyd <>
Subject Problem with IntersectingIterator and IndexDocIterator not returning results.
Date Thu, 26 May 2016 14:47:40 GMT

    I am using accumulo 1.6.1.  I am using a sharded index to search for 
that matches the values of certain fields.  Here is the situation:

I have four fields EntityId, EntityIdType, EntityName, EntitySource.

Sometimes I need all records which match EntityId and EntityIdType
Othertimes I need all records which match all four fields.

The plan was use uses ranges in the scanner to determine which fields to
match against.  I have tried both subsets of ranges, setting all ranges, and
gotten the same result.

I created an Index as follows:
RowId = fieldname
ColumnFamily = fieldvalue
ColumnQualifier = the overall record id (RowID) of my main record in 
another table.

Here is the output of a scan of my index table:

> entityid 
> 1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62:1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62 
> []
> entityidtype GUID:1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62 []
> name TestEntity:1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62 []
> source Unit Test:1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62 []

NOTE:  While in this case the entityid equals the overall RowID from the 
other table that is not always true

When I run the code below it does not return any rows in the scanner.
In the debugger when running the code below terms show as follows:
[1707945d-34d8-455d-85b1-55610739ce62, GUID, TestEntity, Unit Test]

I have tried both IntersectingIterator and IndexDocIterator both have 
the same results.
For whatever reason the API docs for these classes is not showing up on 
the Apache
Accumulo site.

Am I missing the purpose/function of this iterator?

Do I have to call IndexedDocIterator.setColfs with some values so I get 
the column qualifiers back?

Below is my code:

public List<String> getCoalesceEntityKeysForEntityId(String entityId,
                                                          String entityName,
entitySource) throws CoalescePersistorException
         // Use are sharded term index to find the merged keys
         Connector dbConnector = null;

         ArrayList<String> keys = new ArrayList<String>();

         Text[] terms = {new Text(entityId), new Text(entityIdType),
                 new Text(entityName), new Text(entitySource)};

         try {
             dbConnector = AccumuloDataConnector.getDBConnector();

             BatchScanner keyscanner = 
Authorizations.EMPTY, 4);

             // Set up an IntersectingIterator for the values
             IteratorSetting iter = new IteratorSetting(1, "intersect", 

             // Use ranges to limit the bins searched
             //ArrayList<Range> ranges = new ArrayList<Range>();
             // May not be necessary to restrict ranges but will do it 
to be safe
             //ranges.add(new Range("entityid"));
             //ranges.add(new Range("entityitype"));
             //ranges.add(new Range("entityname"));
            // ranges.add(new Range("source"));
             keyscanner.setRanges(Collections.singleton(new Range()));

             // Return the list of keys
             for(Entry<Key,Value> entry : keyscanner) {

         } catch (TableNotFoundException ex) {
             return null;

         return keys;

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