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From Sven Hodapp <>
Subject Accumulo 1.7.1 on Docker
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2016 13:46:16 GMT
Dear reader,

I'd like to create a docker image with accumulo 1.7.1.
I've install it from scratch with hadoop-2.7.2, zookeeper-3.4.8 and accumulo-1.7.1.
I'm going though the installation and every time I'll end up like that:

root@deebd8e29683:/# accumulo shell -u root
Password: ******
2016-03-13 13:18:31,627 [trace.DistributedTrace] INFO : SpanReceiver org.apache.accumulo.tracer.ZooTraceClient
was loaded successfully.
2016-03-13 13:20:31,955 [impl.ServerClient] WARN : There are no tablet servers: check that
zookeeper and accumulo are running.

Anybody got an idea whats wrong? I have no idea anymore...

I'll currently share this docker image on docker hub.
If you want to try it you can simply start:

   docker run -it themerius/accumulo /bin/bash

All binaries and configs are in there. In ./ are my setup steps.


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