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From rgaimari <>
Subject Read trace table from python?
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2016 15:21:30 GMT

I'm trying to read the trace table using pyaccumulo. I can connect no
problem and read the rows, but I'm having a difficult time parsing the 'val'
value. According to the  Accumulo user manual

"The spanBinaryEncoding is a compact Apache Thrift encoding of the original
Span object. This allows clients (and the Accumulo monitor) to recover all
the details of the original Span at a later time, by scanning the trace
table and decoding the value of span entries via

I've looked at the code for TraceFormatter.getRemoteSpan() and worked
through it. I've had some success translating it to Python, but parts of it,
particularly long values such as spanID and parentID, are not working. It
may just be me not understanding the details of the code, but it doesn't
seem to match up with what is actually stored in the 'val' value.

The last mention I saw here of this issue was in 2013  pyaccumulo - A Python
Client Lib for Accumulo

, where Eric Newton said that he had done some work on it. Has this work
gone on?

Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

- Bob Gaimari

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