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From Russ Weeks <>
Subject Unable to configure kerberos impersonation with Ambari
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 02:12:24 GMT
Hi, folks,

I'm following the instructions in the 1.7 user manual to set up Kerberos
impersonation. I'm using Ambari to specify the configuration in

If I understand the manual correctly, I need to define a property key of
the form: instance.rpc.sasl.impersonation.username/server@REALM.users. The
value should be a CSV list of kerberos principals.

The problem is that Ambari will reject a property key with the characters
"@" or "/". Is Ambari being overly restrictive or have I misunderstood the
user manual? Is there any workaround other than manually editing
accumulo-site.xml (which I think will be overwritten as soon as Ambari
discovers that it's out-of-sync)?


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