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From "mohit.kaushik" <>
Subject Re: Accumulo monitor not coming up
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2016 10:07:30 GMT
I think, I have ran mutiple monitor processes, perhaps in some version 
of 1.5. I was forgotten about the hotstandby nature of Monitor process. 
And yes I was using a wrong command :(. Thanks for pointing.

I was using /*"*//*./ $hostname monitor"*/ to stop monitor 
But I should have used
/*"./ $hostname $ACCUMULO_HOME/.*/accumulo-start.*.jar 
monitor TERM*/"
which I found in the script.

I suppose there were more than two processes running when I tried to 
stop with the command It didn't stop so I killed that on server orkash5 
and started on server orkash1. But it was already running on some other 
server which I was restricting it.
When I killed the process today it moved to another which I confirmed 
with `get /accumuo/<your_instance_id>/monitor/http_addr` thanks.

This seems resolved :)

-Mohit Kaushik

On 01/13/2016 09:30 PM, Josh Elser wrote:
> mohit.kaushik wrote:
>> But found it running on one of the server after a day which is not the
>> configured server for monitor process
> That's... strange. We don't automatically start any processes, so I'd 
> recommend you investigate what commands you're running :)
> The Monitor, like the Master, is designed to operated only when one 
> instance is running. If you have multiple Monitors running, you might, 
> for example, see the "Recent Logs" split across multiple instances. As 
> such, we use ZooKeeper as a barrier to prevent multiple Monitor 
> servers from running. This let's us have some "hot-standby" instances 
> for the cluster which enable you to avoid any downtime (e.g. if an 
> operations team is relying on the monitor to be running)
> As such, it's possible that you'll see a monitor process running, but 
> the web server inside the process is not. You can check ZooKeeper 
> ( for the active Monitor:
> `get /accumuo/<your_instance_id>/monitor/http_addr`
> > Please also tell when are you planning to release Accumulo-1.7.1 as 
> I am also facing some issues which i found fixed there. when I 
> checked, It was expected to release on 15-Dec-2015 but Perhaps delayed 
> for the last left bug fix, I suppose.
> 1.7.1 is on it's way out. We don't have firm dates that software will 
> be released, so the best I can give is "soon".
> After we get the open issues on JIRA cleaned up, we'll have to run it 
> through some testing. Hopefully we can get it out the door while it's 
> still January.

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