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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Accumulo monitor not coming up
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 16:00:24 GMT
mohit.kaushik wrote:
> But found it running on one of the server after a day which is not the
> configured server for monitor process

That's... strange. We don't automatically start any processes, so I'd 
recommend you investigate what commands you're running :)

The Monitor, like the Master, is designed to operated only when one 
instance is running. If you have multiple Monitors running, you might, 
for example, see the "Recent Logs" split across multiple instances. As 
such, we use ZooKeeper as a barrier to prevent multiple Monitor servers 
from running. This let's us have some "hot-standby" instances for the 
cluster which enable you to avoid any downtime (e.g. if an operations 
team is relying on the monitor to be running)

As such, it's possible that you'll see a monitor process running, but 
the web server inside the process is not. You can check ZooKeeper 
( for the active Monitor:

`get /accumuo/<your_instance_id>/monitor/http_addr`

 > Please also tell when are you planning to release Accumulo-1.7.1 as I 
am also facing some issues which i found fixed there. when I checked, It 
was expected to release on 15-Dec-2015 but Perhaps delayed for the last 
left bug fix, I suppose.

1.7.1 is on it's way out. We don't have firm dates that software will be 
released, so the best I can give is "soon".

After we get the open issues on JIRA cleaned up, we'll have to run it 
through some testing. Hopefully we can get it out the door while it's 
still January.

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