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From Thai Ngo <>
Subject Trigger for Accumulo table
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 03:24:18 GMT
Hi list,

I have a use-case when existing rows in a table will be updated by an
internal service. Data in a row of this table is composed of 2 parts: 1st
part - immutable and the 2nd one - will be updated (filled in) a little

Currently, I have a need of knowing when and which rows will be updated in
the table so that other services will be wisely start consuming the data.
It will make more sense when I need to consume the data in near realtime.
So developing a notification function or simpler - a trigger is what I
really want to do now.

I am curious to know if someone has done similar job or there are features
or APIs or best practices available for Accumulo so far. I'm thinking of
letting the internal service which updates the data notify us whenever it
updates the data.

What do you think?


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