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From "mohit.kaushik" <>
Subject Re: Mutation Rejected exception with server Error 1
Date Thu, 24 Dec 2015 10:49:53 GMT
@ Eric:  yes I have notices 3GB to 5GB swap uses out of 32GB on servers. 
And if I will resend the mutations rejected explicitly then this may 
create a loop for mutations getting rejected again and again. Then how 
can I handle it? How did you? Am i getting it right?
@ Josh: For one of the zookeeper host I was sharing the same drive to 
store zookeeper data and hadoop datanode. I have changed it to the same 
drive as others have. I hope this will resolve zookeeper issue. lets see

BTW, here is my zoo.cfg

Thanks a lot
Mohit Kaushik

On 12/24/2015 12:47 AM, Josh Elser wrote:
> Eric Newton wrote:
>> Failure to talk to zookeeper is *really* unexpected.
>> Have you noticed your nodes using any significant swap?
> Emphasis on this. Failing to connect to ZooKeeper for 60s (2*30) is a 
> very long time (although, I think I have seen JVM GC pauses longer 
> before).
> A couple of generic ZooKeeper questions:
> 1. Can you share your zoo.cfg?
> 2. Make sure that ZooKeeper has a "dedicated" drive for it's dataDir. 
> HDFS DataNodes using the same drive as ZooKeeper for its transaction 
> log can cause ZooKeeper to be starved for I/O throughput. A normal 
> "spinning" disk is also better for ZK over SSDs (last I read).
> 3. Check OS/host level metrics on these ZooKeeper hosts during the 
> times you see these failures.
> 4. Consider moving your ZooKeeper hosts to "less busy" nodes if you 
> can. You can consider adding more ZooKeeper hosts to the quorum, but 
> keep in mind that this will increase the minimum latency for ZooKeeper 
> operations (as more nodes need to acknowledge updates n/2 + 1)


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