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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: maximum number of connectors
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2015 15:29:10 GMT
Connector is tied to a specific user, so you're tied to a user for a 
given instance.

I'm not aware of any testing in that direction (lots of active 
connectors). Connectors aren't particularly heavy, you could keep some 
cache of recently used instances and recreate them when they were 
evicted from the cache due to inactivity.

The only fundamental limitation of concurrent Connector instances that I 
can think of is at the RPC level. Eventually, the RPCs that the 
Connector is making to Accumulo servers correlates to server-side 
resources which are finite. If you have some reasonable hardware, I 
don't think this is a real concern.

Would be curious to hear back how this works.

mohit.kaushik wrote:
> I am creating a connector per user as every user has different
> authorizations sets. I want to know, is there any limit on creating
> Accumulo connectors, what is the maximum number of connector that
> Accumulo can handle?. For example if My application will have 3M users,
> Is it correct to create 3M connections for them or there is any way to
> share connections for different users having different authorizations?
> Thanks
> Mohit Kaushik

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