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From "shweta.agrawal" <>
Subject Transaction type query in accumulo
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2015 11:36:17 GMT

Is transaction type facility available in Accumulo?
I have read about transaction in accumulo which says " Accumulo 
guarantees these ACID properties for a single mutation (a set of changes 
for a single row) but does not provide support for atomic updates across 
multiple rows"

In my case:
If one thread is updating the fields of a document then this document 
should be locked so that other thread cannot modify that document.

I am trying to achieve this by a query through conditional mutation. I 
am checking whether the particular entry exist or not  then updating. 
But the problem is I am doing this through 150 threads. If one thread 
finds and updating particular entry then other thread should not get it.

So is this the case in conditional write?

We are achieving same thing through mongoDB by find and modify feature.

If one thread get particular document to update from conditional write 
then other thread should get that particular document.

Please provide your inputs


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