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From "Robert J. Moore" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] YCSB 0.4.0 Release
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2015 01:53:48 GMT
On behalf of the development community, I am pleased to announce the 
release of YCSB 0.4.0.


* Default measurement changed from histogram to hdrhistogram.
     * Users who want previous behavior can set the 'measurementtype' 
property to 'histogram'.
     * Reported 95th and 99th percentile latencies now in microseconds 
(previously in milliseconds).
* The HBase Binding has been split into 3 seperate bindings based on 
your version of HBase and
the names have changed to hbase10, hbase098, and hbase094.

Bug Fixes:

* Previously, with hdrhistogram, the 95th percentile actually reported 
the 90th percentile value. It now reports the actual 95th percentile value.
* Fixed a race condition between insert and read/update operations.

Full release notes, including links to source and convenience binaries:

This release covers changes from the last 2 months.


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