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From Rob Povey <>
Subject Is there a sensible way to do this? Sequential Batch Scanner
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2015 22:21:53 GMT
What I want is something that behaves like a BatchScanner (I.e. Takes a collection of Ranges
in a single RPC), but preserves the scan ordering.
I understand this would greatly impact performance, but in my case I can manually partition
my request on the client, and send one request per tablet.
I can’t use scanners, because in some cases I have 10’s of thousands of none consecutive
If I use a single threaded BatchScanner, and only request data from a single Tablet, am I
guaranteed ordering?
This appears to work correctly in my small tests (albeit slower than a single 1 thread Batch
scanner call), but I don’t really want to have to rely on it if the semantic isn’t guaranteed.
If not Is there another “efficient” way to do this.


Rob Povey

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