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From "Patrone, Dennis S." <>
Subject RE: Accumulo ProxyInstance available
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 16:44:21 GMT
Sure, Josh... have at it.  


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From: Josh Elser [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Accumulo ProxyInstance available

This is cool stuff, Dennis. Thanks for sharing!

I think this would be great to link to from the website. Do you mind if I add it? We have
a small list of projects now at I'm thinking this
deserves to be broken out into its own page.

Patrone, Dennis S. wrote:
> I just wanted to let folks know about the availability of a new 
> project called 'Accumulo ProxyInstance'. It is a Java Instance 
> implementationthat communicates with an Accumulo cluster via the 
> Thrift proxy server.
> Basically, we have an isolated Accumulo cluster only accessible to the 
> rest of the network through a single, dual-homed gatekeeper machine. 
> We started the Thrift proxy server on the gatekeeper. We then created 
> this Instance implementation to allow developers to access the cluster 
> from their development machines through the gatekeeper/proxy but still 
> using the traditional Java Instance APIs. This encapsulates a majority 
> of the client code from needing to know if it is running on the 
> cluster or connecting through the proxy server (with the notable 
> exception of the actual Instance instantiation).
> Now for convenience we can test, debug, and perform smaller queries 
> using the ProxyInstance on our development machines through the proxy 
> server. When performance demands it, we can simply change 1 line of 
> code to instantiate a ZooKeeperInstance instead, move the code to the 
> isolated subnet, and communicate directly with the tablet servers 
> using the traditional Java client library.
> You can read more about the project here:
> nual.html.The
> code is available on github
> ( and the JAR is on 
> maven central 
> (|edu.jhuapl.accumulo|proxy-instance|1.0.0|jar).
> It was developed and tested against Accumulo 1.6.2.
> We've found it useful in our development environment given our 
> isolated Accumulo cluster; perhaps others who have a similar setup 
> might also find utility in it as well.
> Thanks,
> Dennis

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