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From "" <>
Subject RowID design and Hive push down
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 18:47:10 GMT
Hi there,

Our current rowid format is yyyyMMdd_payload_sha256(raw data). It works nicely as we have
a date and uniqueness guaranteed by hash, however unfortunately, rowid is around 50-60 bytes
per record.

Requirements are the following:

1)      Support Hive on top of Accumulo for ad-hoc queries

2)      Query original table by date range (e.g rowID < '20060101' AND rowID >= '20060103')
both in code and hive

3)      Additional queries by ~20 different fields

Requirement 3) requires secondary indexes and of course because each RowID is 50-60 bytes,
they become super massive (99% of overall space) and really expensive to store.

What we are looking to do is to reduce index size to a fixed size: {unixTime}{logicalSplit}{hash},
where unixTime is 4 bytes unsigned integer, logicalSplit - 2 bytes unsigned integer, and hash
is 4 bytes - overall 10 bytes.

What is unclear to me is how second requirement can be met in Hive as to my understanding
an in-built RowID push down mechanism won't work with unsigned bytes?


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