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From dlmarion <>
Subject RE: imbalance in number of zookeeper clients
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 00:02:14 GMT

Hey Jeff,
 Take a look at [1] and see if the zookeeper balance issue mentioned is applicable.

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From: Jeff Turner <> 
Date: 09/10/2015  7:42 PM  (GMT-05:00) 
Subject: imbalance in number of zookeeper clients 

sorry if this is a faq.  i can't come up with a good google query to 
find the answer.

how bad is it that four of our five zookeepers have 600-700 clients, and one
has about 250?

i assumed that zookeeper or accumulo has some sort of natural 
rebalancing property,
so it will all work itself out.

i've been resisting a full accumulo/zk restart.
and restarting the one zookeeper to see what happens has a big 
unpleasant wake, too.

   - will they eventually rebalance
   - if not, how bad is it that four of them are working harder

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