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From "Patrone, Dennis S." <>
Subject RE: Accumulo ProxyInstance available
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2015 16:43:39 GMT
I think in almost all cases you’d just get a RuntimeException that wraps the TTransportException.
 We could certainly do a better job at (automatic) fault recovery than we are currently…
especially in the “simple” cases where, for example, the proxy goes down and come back
while you are not using the Instance code (a simple “reconnect” should suffice).    In
other cases, we might be able to provide a more API-friendly exception (e.g., throw a MutationRejectedException
if a push of Mutations fails due to a network problem).   But our use case was for convenience,
not production—so we didn’t worry too much about failures other than to make sure we knew
they happened.

The proxy currently maintains the TTransport reference for the life of the Instance (rather
than reconnecting on every request).  One of the (other) issues doing this is we need an explicit
“close()” on the Instance (not in the Instance API) when you are done with it.  We toyed
with the idea of creating/closing/destroying the transport on every access which would remove
the need for an explicit close as well as handle many of the intermittent connectivity issues
you raise.  But that would be at the cost of runtime performance in what is (hopefully) the
average case.   Perhaps that performance hit would be OK (hey, if you really need it to work
fast just the standard library!) but we tried to make the runtime at least tolerable! :-)
Maybe someone has a brilliant idea of how we could handle it better…


From: Keith Turner []
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 11:18 AM
Subject: Re: Accumulo ProxyInstance available

Thats interesting.  Curious what you do in the case of faults?  I.e. if proxy does down for
a bit and then comes back up, or if network between an Accumulo ProxyInstance client and the
client goes down for a bit.

On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 7:33 AM, Patrone, Dennis S. <<>>
I just wanted to let folks know about the availability of a new project called 'Accumulo ProxyInstance'.
It is a Java Instance implementation that communicates with an Accumulo cluster via the Thrift
proxy server.

Basically, we have an isolated Accumulo cluster only accessible to the rest of the network
through a single, dual-homed gatekeeper machine.  We started the Thrift proxy server on the
gatekeeper.  We then created this Instance implementation to allow developers to access the
cluster from their development machines through the gatekeeper/proxy but still using the traditional
Java Instance APIs.    This encapsulates a majority of the client code from needing to know
if it is running on the cluster or connecting through the proxy server (with the notable exception
of the actual Instance instantiation).

Now for convenience we can test, debug, and perform smaller queries using the ProxyInstance
on our development machines through the proxy server.  When performance demands it, we can
simply change 1 line of code to instantiate a ZooKeeperInstance instead, move the code to
the isolated subnet, and communicate directly with the tablet servers using the traditional
Java client library.

You can read more about the project here:
 The code is available on github ( and the
JAR is on maven central (|edu.jhuapl.accumulo|proxy-instance|1.0.0|jar<>).
 It was developed and tested against Accumulo 1.6.2.

We’ve found it useful in our development environment given our isolated Accumulo cluster;
perhaps others who have a similar setup might also find utility in it as well.


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