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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: RowID design and Hive push down
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 20:09:38 GMT
I'm not positive what you mean by the "in-built RowID push down 
mechanism won't work with unsigned bytes". Are you saying that you're 
trying to change your current rowID structure to 
unixTime+logicalSplit+hash structure? And you're trying to evaluate the 
3 listed requirements against the new form?

First off, the Java primitives are signed, so you're going to be limited 
by that. Don't forget that.

Have you seen accumulo.composite.rowid from 
Hypothetically, you can provide some logic which will do custom parsing 
on your row and generate a struct from the components in your row ID.

Of interest might be:

You could extend the AccumuloRowSerializer to parse the bytes of the 
rowId according to your own spec. I haven't explicitly tried this 
myself, but in theory, I think your problems are meant to be solved by 
this support. It will take a little bit of effort. Hive's LazyObject 
type system is not my favorite framework to work with. Referencing some 
of the HBaseStorageHandler code might also be worthwhile (as the two are 
very similar).

- Josh wrote:
> Hi there,
> Our current rowid format is yyyyMMdd_payload_sha256(raw data). It works
> nicely as we have a date and uniqueness guaranteed by hash, however
> unfortunately, rowid is around 50-60 bytes per record.
> Requirements are the following:
> 1)Support Hive on top of Accumulo for ad-hoc queries
> 2)Query original table by date range (e.g rowID < ‘20060101’ AND rowID
>  >= ‘20060103’) both in code and hive
> 3)Additional queries by ~20 different fields
> Requirement 3) requires secondary indexes and of course because each
> RowID is 50-60 bytes, they become super massive (99% of overall space)
> and really expensive to store.
> What we are looking to do is to reduce index size to a fixed size:
> {unixTime}{logicalSplit}{hash}, where unixTime is 4 bytes unsigned
> integer, logicalSplit – 2 bytes unsigned integer, and hash is 4 bytes –
> overall 10 bytes.
> What is unclear to me is how second requirement can be met in Hive as to
> my understanding an in-built RowID push down mechanism won’t work with
> unsigned bytes?
> Regards,
> Roman
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