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From "shweta.agrawal" <>
Subject user authorisation problem
Date Mon, 14 Sep 2015 12:05:37 GMT

I have given user authorisations but when I am scanning data of user it 
is giving no results. And when checking the authorisations through 
getauths it is showing the authorisations.

And also when I am ingesting data with new authorisations the older 
authorisations are overrided by new one.
Still unable to scan data.  And it accepts redundant authorisations also.

root@orkash Projects> scan
2015-09-14 15:28:06,156 [Shell.audit] INFO : root@orkash Projects> scan
root@orkash Projects> get
getauths    getgroups   getsplits
root@orkash Projects> getauths
2015-09-14 15:32:44,823 [Shell.audit] INFO : root@orkash Projects> getauths
root@orkash Projects> scan
2015-09-14 15:33:03,712 [Shell.audit] INFO : root@orkash Projects> scan
root@orkash Projects> setauths -u root -s PID123
2015-09-14 15:33:19,543 [Shell.audit] INFO : root@orkash Projects> 
setauths -u root -s PID123
root@orkash Projects> scan
2015-09-14 15:33:21,822 [Shell.audit] INFO : root@orkash Projects> scan
123 Project:ClientId [PID123]    CL111
123 Project:ClientName [PID123]    Barack_Obama
123 Project:ProjectId [PID123]    123
123 Project:ProjectName [PID123]    Project_US
123 Project:Project_Status [PID123]    Open
123 Project:UserId [PID123]    US111
123 Project:UserName [PID123]    Barack_Obama

This is the process which I used.

So please provide solutions to this problem


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