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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: Accumulo starting up but NPE in logs and can't access monitor in browser
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2015 22:18:32 GMT
suave wrote:
> links http://localhost:50095
> on the EC2 instance works but
> links http://EC2InstanceIP:50095
> on my laptop does not.
> I strongly think this is because of some security setting of my EC2 instance
> though I did allow incoming connections to my EC2 instance on port 50095
> coming from any IP actually,
> and in I do have

Agreed. Given that netstat showed that the webserver was bound to the 
public interface (not, it's probably an EC2 issue.

> However, maybe it's related to an Exception in the log because that's what I
> want to find out too.
> The logs are not yet clean, there's a
> [net.SocketNode] INFO :  Caught closing conneciton.
> in monitor.internal.debug.log and a
> org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException:
> Connection refused
> in tracer.internal.debug.log.
> Maybe it's related to that but I would like to get rid of these exceptions
> anyway.

Assuming that's the same exception you had the previous logs, the master 
just hadn't started yet and the tracer tried to perform an RPC to it. 
The last line of the tracer log implies that it successfully talked to 
the master and registered itself in ZooKeeper. You should ignore this 
exception in this case.

If you're seeing it repeatedly, that's a different issue (send more logs)

> Thanks.
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