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From suave <>
Subject Accumulo starting up but NPE in logs and can't access monitor in browser
Date Mon, 06 Jul 2015 01:18:47 GMT
Trying to start accumulo in pseudo-distributed mode on an EC2 instance.
Ubuntu 14.04
Hadoop 2.6.0
Zookeeper 3.4.6
Accumulo 1.7.0

I just did: (HDFS)
zkServer.sh9 start (Zookeeper) (Accumulo, already did init once)

All the Accumulo processes are there because 'jps' says:

3338 Main
1374 NameNode
3491 Main
3625 Main
1858 QuorumPeerMain
1541 DataNode
4480 Jps
1741 SecondaryNameNode
3245 Main
3562 Main

So everything seems fine. However, when I check the logs I see this:

[master.Master] ERROR: localhost:9997 reports assignment failed for tablet

and more precisely:

[tserver.TabletServer] WARN : exception trying to assign tablet +r<<
        at org.apache.accumulo.tserver.tablet.Tablet.<init>(
        at org.apache.accumulo.tserver.tablet.Tablet.<init>(

Why is this NPE there?

Moreover another issue I have, probably not related is that I can't access
the HTTP monitor service from my browser (Safari) on my lap. When I put 


into the browser it says:

can’t open the page IP:50095 because the server where this page is located
isn’t responding

even though I did:

(a) set ACCUMULO_MONITOR_BIND_ALL to true in
(b) allow incoming TCP connections to EC2 instance on port 50095

and the monitor is running and listening on 50095.
Maybe this is still a problem between my lap and EC2.

For answers, let me know which configuration excerpts I can give you.

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