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From Lu Qin <>
Subject Re: why not check TTL interval
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2015 05:49:42 GMT
Accumulo do minor-compaction and major-compaction depends on a thresold value ,why not do age-off
interval-automatic by ttl value.
If I do it use crontab,when I add a new table ,I must update my crontab

> 在 2015年6月6日,13:37,Josh Elser <> 写道:
> The decrease in performance you see is probably because the iterator must read a significant
amount of old data. If you don't write new data to a table, Accumulo will not run any compactions
and no data will age-off in the files on HDFS.
> I think it would be fairly common to use crontab to regularly schedule compactions over
your table so that data is automatically deleted (e.g. nightly). Accumulo doesn't contain
any means to automate this internally.
> Lu Qin wrote:
>> I have a big table about 38B entries, and I set a ageoff iterator with a ttl about
3 days,I set the iteratorPriority is 10 and apply it in all-scopes.
>> I stop write data into it about one week,and now I scan it ,but it wait so long.
I check the monitor page,it show me that the scan speed is 80w entries/s.
>> I think the ageoff is a diferent iterator than others,if all data is out the ttl,when
I scan the table,it will scan all data in the table and decide to remove it,right? Why not
do this interval ?
>> Thanks

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