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From vaibhav thapliyal <>
Subject Re: Features that should he part of a rest client for accumulo
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2015 20:16:21 GMT
Thank you josh for pointing out the key features. I would appreciate if you
could elaborate your first point about the API being as stateless as

Also I would like you to point out to any coding conventions followed by
accumulo dev team so that my code follows them.

On 14-Apr-2015 1:24 am, "Josh Elser" <> wrote:

> Hi Vaibhav,
> This is something that comes up every now and again, but I don't think
> there's been any big interest internal to the project itself so far. That's
> not to say a REST API is without value: there just hasn't been anyone who
> stood up to own the feature. It's great that you want to do this and it
> would be a good way to get more involved.
> Some thoughts on the important bits:
> * As stateless of an API as possible
>   - This is a little tricky as the server itself would need to hide this
> state in how it connects to Accumulo, as well as some notion of a "cursor"
> if a scanning API is supported. It may be easier to write an API around
> gets and puts as a first go and try to tackle scanning later as that gets
> real tricky, real fast.
> * User authentication
>   - Having a good authentication story for clients to ensure that they
> receive only the data they should is tantamount. Lots of ways to go about
> this -- it would be good to identify the scope of the problem you want to
> solve then work towards that.
> * User authorization
>   - Close together with authentication. The simple approach is to require
> Accumulo accounts for users connecting to the webservice. A more advanced
> approach (with more flexibility) is to build a delegation/impersonation
> service where the webserver would authenticate as some monolithic user and
> manage user authorizations on its own. This can be tricky to get correct,
> but is likely easier to manage resources this way.
> * Check out other systems' services before coding
>   - This might seem a little odd, but I would take a look at what other
> projects like HBase or Cassandra have along this line. HBase has Stargate
> as a REST service (not sure how well it's maintained now) and I see a bunch
> of different projects for Cassandra. Getting an idea of what other have
> found useful in an API would be good and help make a usable API. You would
> likely be able to find some good discussions about what works well and what
> is problematic in these other projects. Thinking about those problems up
> front might help you avoid bigger problems down the road.
> In general, start small and get a nice, tested codebase. That will help in
> the long run. Keep us informed! This sounds great :D
> vaibhav thapliyal wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am trying to build a Rest-api for accumulo. I would like to know the
>> minimum features that should be there in the rest api?
>> Also are there any plans to make a rest api for accumulo by the
>> development team at accumulo itself?
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Vaibhav Thapliyal

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